RC-100 Remote Control
  • The RC-100 remote control can be used for the S-50, S-330, S-550 and S-7XX samplers.
  • I don't know if it can also be used for the W30 workstation (If someone can check it out - please let me know!)
  • Another interesting feature is that it is possible to connect the Roland DT-100 graphic tablet to the "EXT CTRL" connector and enables the usage of the graphic tablet with the Roland samplers (tested with the S-330, S-550 and S-760). 

  • Attention! I had no success with the direct connection of the DT-100 to the "EXT CTRL" connector on the samplers themselves!!! 
    It only worked when it was connected to the "EXT XTRL" connector of the RC-100 remote control!

Please help me!!!
There is an overlay for the RC-100 remote control for the S-760 samplers.
I have the S-760 sampler and the RC-100 remote control but not the overlay. If you have hte overlay it would be nice if you could scan it in good quality and send it to me per email. I am sure that I can find a way to help you in exchange...

A closer look at the front panel:

... and at the back ...


Trouble Shooting
Some people had problem when they wanted to use the RC-100 for the first time - the RC-100 didn't work properly. There are a few things to know when using the RC-100 with your Roland sampler:
1. You have to set the control to "RC-100" (not to "NONE" or "MOUSE" !!!)
2. You have to reset the RC-100 after booting your sampler.
When you change the controller settings your sampler normally tells
you to reset the device before pressing the "EXECUTE" button to
set the control to the RC-100.
3. It could happen that the RC-100 stops working during work.
Don't panic! Press the "RESET" button on the RC-100 and it should work again.

A look into the RC-100:

A closer look at some details:
The 80C31 microcontroller...
... the Eprom with version 1.00 -
but in the Eprom software
version V0.30 is mentioned...    :-)
... and the alpha dial for data input...
The binary file of the RC-100 eprom V1.00
(but the binary file shows version V0.30)
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