My Mouse-Converters for

as a replacement or substitute
for the Roland MU-1 Mouse

Schematics, Layout and Hexfile are published now so that everybody can build his own mouse converter free of charge!

Roland MU-1 Mouse

As I have some Roland samplers but not enough MU-1 mice I had a look in the internet for a second hand MU-1 mouse. There were only a few mice to get - and these were very expensive. I also heard that there are still some new original Roland MU-1 available - but also very expensive. When I read that the Roland samplers use standard MSX-mice I thought that it is nice to know but these mouse type is not easy to get as the MSX-computers were very rare here in Europe...

So I decided to design mouse a converter that converts the mouse data of a mouse of another computer and converts the mouse information into MSX-mouse compatible suitable for the Roland samplers.

The design of the mouse converter should be powered by the sampler as there is a +5V supply voltage on the mouse connector. A low power microcontroller should be used so that the sampler power supply will not be stressed too much.

The next decision I had to make is the selection of the computer mouse type that should be converted.

Available mouse types:

Mouse Type
Interface and delivered data
Amiga- and Atari-Mouse, Bus Mouse and InPort-Mouse Gray code (quadrature) mouse type, Button switches as direct signals
PC-Mouse (Microsoft, Mouse Systems or Logitech interface protocol) Serial asynchronous interface with 1200 Baud that delivers relative movement and button information
PS/2-Mouse Serial synchronous interface (similar to the PC keyboard protocol) that delivers relative movement and button information

Mouse-Converter for Atari- and Amiga Mouse

The Amiga Mouse

Amiga MouseAmiga Mouse

The AtariST Mouse

AtariST MouseAtariST Mouse

The Amiga- / AtariST-Mouse Converter Prototype

Amiga / AtariST-Mouse Converter Prototype (Front)

Amiga / AtariST-Mouse Converter Prototype (Front - Closeup)

Amiga / AtariST-Mouse Converter Prototype (Back)

Amiga / AtariST-Mouse Converter Prototype (Back - Closeup)

Mouse-Converter for PS/2-Mouse

As the standard mouse these days is the PS/2-mouse I also wanted to design a converter for this mouse. While searching the web for information how this mouse type works I found some projects of "PS/2 to MSX-mouse converters".

The results of the analysis of these projects was:

So let me show you my prototype of the

PS/2 MOUSE to TOWNS MOUSE Converter Version 1.11c from Anikun


More information and DIY project:

More information about the MSX mouse MSX Mouse Principle
Atari/Amiga mouse converter with 87C51 or 89C51

This PCB design has not been tested! 
If you build it please let me know if it works or if there are errors!

Schematics (33kB)
Layout 1:1 (not tested - 15kB)
Layout 2:1 (not tested - 18kB)
Part placing (13kB)
Overview PCB design (23kB)
Intelhex File of the firmware (1kB)
       Tested with an Intel 87C51.
PS/2 mouse converter with PIC16F84 (C)2000 by Anikun

The files inside this ZIP are the Japanese->English translated files 
that should be published on Anikuns site some day. 
I converted the doc-file into a pdf-file so that it is in a readable 
format even if you don't have Microsoft Word.

PS/2 to MSX mouse converter

The ZIP-file includes the schematic, hex-file, 
connector pinning and documentation.

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