News & Updates

On this page you will find information about the latest additions or updates to my homepage. I will try to keep this page up to date so that it is easier for you to see if anything interesting for you has been added since your last visit.

27.12.2002 Publishing of my complete new homepage design !
1.1.2003 Music: 
- Roland S-760 sampler page added
- Digitech DSP128+ added
- Digitech Vocalist II added
- Rocktron HUSH IIX and IICX added
- Roland MKS-900 added
- Boss SE-50 - minor changes
- Boss CL-50 added
- Dynacord AddTwo added
3.1.2003 Miditemp PMM-88 added
5.1.2003 Art & Handycraft: Ceramics page added 
16.1.2003 Home: News page added 
27.1.2003 Mouse converter schematics, PCB design and firmware added to the Mouse Converter page
6.1.2005 Yamaha DX7 page added. 
5.1.2006 Yamaha CS1X page added
28.7.2009  Music/Manual page removed => Converted into "Synth Add-On"  page. 
Presentation of the datadial and installation into the Kawai K3m.

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