Welcome to my homepage!

Hi! Welcome to the virtual home of Peter Ullrich in world wide web...
I live in Brunn am Gebirge near Vienna, the capital of Austria.
And no, we have no kangoroos here in Austria, except in the zoo... :-)

Feel free to walk around and have a look at my interests. If some of my interests lead to questions, tips or criticism please don't hesitate and write me an email! I will try to answer in a few days.

As you will notice when you walk around my main interests are electronics, electronic music, music electronics, photography and travelling. But I am also interested in painting with oil colors and listening to music of different kinds (classical, pop, rock, new wave,...).

If you get lost in my virtual home you can always find your way back when you press on the LCD in the upper left corner or try to navigate direct to the page of interest via the sitemap.

If you have a question or just want to say your opinion about
my homepage don't hesitate and contact me per email.

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